Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Tuesday, 04 November 2014 07:50

Give to the Max Day!

Written by Nicole Rom, Executive Director


Generous donors provided $10,000 in matching funds for Give to the Max Day in Minnesota! Thanks to your incredible support we surpassed our $20,000 goal!

Thank you! 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 11:37

Thank You!

Written by Will Steger Foundation
Thank YouOn behalf of the Will Steger Foundation, we would like to thank you for supporting our fundraiser, Brewing a Better Climate! The night was a great success and raised much-needed funds for our Education Program, which aims to support educators, students, and the public with science-based interdisciplinary educational resources on climate change, its implications, and solutions to achieve climate literacy.
This summer we are busy preparing for our Summer Institute for Climate Change and Energy Education. This is a professional development opportunity for educators to learn a framework for effective place-based climate change and energy education, develop skills to make learning experiential, and gain confidence in teaching climate change and energy concepts. Learn more by visiting www.willstegerfoundation.org/summer-institute.
As our Education Program moves forward, we are broadening our reach beyond the classroom and into the public sphere, offering everyone the opportunity to be a climate change educator. Effective climate change education is about connecting people with their place, making it personal, and asking them to take note and share the changes that are happening in hopes of creating solutions in their own communities. And don’t forget, you are a climate change educator!

Please know that we will honor your support with our best work, and we hope you will stay connected. Please learn more at www.willstegerfoundation.org. Thank you for helping to create a sustainable future together!
All the best,
The Will Steger Foundation Team
Thank You
Thank You
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 08:08

Barry Greenwald, Harding High School

Written by Will Steger Foundation

For me, the worst effects of climate change will be after I’m gone. I know this is what my students will be facing and their children. I want them to have a world that is similar to the world I grew up in.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 08:03

Heidi Ferris, Education Consultant

Written by Will Steger Foundation

Heidi FerrisHeidi Ferris, Education Consultant
Former Earth Science Educator, 8th grade, Roseville Middle School

I taught for 12 years in the formal education system and now I am consulting on integrating environmental education into nontraditional places like confirmation class, preschool, etc.  

I became a teacher because of my love of learning and my desire to share this with students. Kids always teach me more than I teach them based on their questions and curiosity.. I try and funnel kids to create something from their questions – but we need to teach them that questions are good and we need to keep asking them; this is key to scientific literacy.

My first experience with WSF was at the Summer Institute in 2006 at the School of Environmental Studies. I appreciate how WSF provided accurate scientific information and resources – not just climate resources. WSF provides trustworthy science and experts in the field.

I’m not teaching in a traditional public school classroom anymore.  WSF inspired me to bring climate change to confirmation programs, 4H, library programs, Sunday school programs and teacher workshops.  I needed a change from the regular classroom (dealing with behavior issues) and I wanted to fill a greater need in the world. Climate change is always integrated into my teaching. WSF helped me see how big this issue is and how critical it is to weave into anything earth/environmental. What I bring to these workshops is a systems thinking approach. My goal is to expand the diversity of audiences that receive this info. One of the dreams I have is that people see science and environmental issues in their daily lives.  How climate isn’t just a science topic – it’s a social justice issue. People need scientific skills and thinking to see bigger picture. My dream is that climate change is connected to science and social justice.

Heidi FerrisCraig Johnson

Barry Greenwald

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Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson, School of Environmental Studies
Educator for 35 years, Teaches 100 seniors environmental courses 

From an educator’s perspective – climate change is the perfect problem to have kids examine because you can’t have kids understand it from one perspective. You won’t be effective in solving it if you just know the science, or the economics, or the politics. It’s multi-faceted. Educating kids is my role obviously – but from an environmental perspective – this is the biggest issue we face. Climate change reveals what we need to do individually and collectively to solve it and makes it the most important thing we need to work on. As a teacher, professional satisfaction, and my moral compass – the contributions I can make to the planet – there’s nothing more important to work on.

The Will Steger Foundation understands the DNA and work of educators; all the materials resonate and are aligned with educators needs in the classroom. I don’t have time/take the time to use a resource unless it is useful to me – and the WSF materials meet educators needs.

Everything I’ve been associated with WSF is quality.  To have allegiance to quality – and doing things well all the time – is the kind of star I want to hang my hat on.

I say it primarily because I’ve seen the other side – programs come and go – and to watch WSF evolve – and every stage is the same level of quality – I pay attention to this personally.

WSF has had the knack of giving me what I needed when I needed it – from curriculum resources to speakers. WSF is usually ahead of the curve – as I grow into the next topic – WSF is already there. From climate change basics, to the way the world is engaging in, to the economics, etc.

Craig JohnsonMy passion is that this next generation is not confounded by how we’ve done things before and handcuffed by that. I want them to see possibilities through their eyes that older generations often see as a barrier. My hope for solving the climate issue is in educating youth in how to think, how to know about the issue, and the solutions they’ll dream up. They’re not bound by our “rules.” They’re more than willing to ask why not. To me, the solution to climate change is in what the next generation will bring to the issue. I take great comfort – of the four UN climate change conferences I’ve been to – the participants have gotten younger and more diverse. I look at that and think excellent.

As a teacher, I cannot think of an organization in their realm of climate change education/area of expertise, that more consistently delivers what my particular profession needs in terms of support (curriculum/professional development). 

Heidi Ferris

Barry Greenwald

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Monday, 09 June 2014 19:11

Educators depend on us!

Written by Will Steger Foundation

educatortestimonialslideLearn how we have helped educators address climate change in their classroom. 


Monday, 09 June 2014 18:40

An Educator's Story

Written by Will Steger Foundation


Thursday, 05 June 2014 09:21

Jobs and Internships

Written by Will Steger Foundation

We're Hiring! Join Us!

There are no positions available at this time.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014 14:51

Finalists announced for Youth Voices of Change

Written by Education

Youth Voices for Change

Fan of films? See the top finalists in the 2014 Youth Voices of Change climate change youth video contest from Minnesota and around the country. Winners will be announced at the 2014 Youth Voices Film Festival at the MN State Fair, August 22nd in the Ec-Experience Pavilion.

Discover the videos.

Youth and Veteran Mentorship

The Will Steger Foundation is proud to launch our 2013-14 Intergenerational Mentorship Program in partnership with the REAMP Network. This innovative mentorship model values both participants as learners and teachers, and supports 21 pairs of young and veteran environmental leaders across the Midwest. 


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