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Thursday, 07 March 2013 15:42

inuitstories slideshowThe Will Steger Foundation, the Consulate General of Canada in Minneapolis and the Minnesota International Center present, in partnership with the Guthrie Theater, Inuit Films: Sharing Our Stories on March 18.

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Thursday, 07 March 2013 15:12


On February 7, 2012, Mohamed Nasheed resigned the presidency under the threat of violence in a cop d'etat perpetrated by security forces loyal to the former dictator. The film is the story of his first year in office.

Community Cinema @ the Library

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Together with our members and supporters, the Minnesota Clean Energy and Jobs campaign will galvanize support for the following policies:

Strengthen our state’s commitment to clean, renewable energy by increasing the state’s Renewable Energy Standard to 40 percent by 2030.

  • With our 25 percent by 2025 RES, our state is well on its way to transitioning to clean, renewable energy. We’ve already created thousands of jobs by driving a market for wind energy in this state, but we have fallen to seventh in the nation for installed wind farms, proving we still have work to do.
  • Increasing the RES to 40 percent by 2030, along with other policies that will speed the development of wind, solar and biomass energy in our state, will create jobs throughout the state, develop a larger market for renewable energy, diversify our energy mix, and improve the air, land and water in Minnesota.
  • By driving the demand for clean, renewable energy, we can ensure that those products are produced here, in Minnesota, creating jobs for Minnesotans and ensuring that companies know our state is open for renewable energy business.
  • Minnesota electric utilities have done a good job implementing the current RES reliably, efficiently and economically.
  • Increasing the RES creates a more flexible and dynamic electrical system for Minnesota that is less reliant on older, more carbon intensive generation. The enhanced RES puts Minnesota back in a national leadership role in preparing for a 21st century economy.

Create jobs, increase the state’s energy independence and improve our economy by establishing a solar energy standard of 10 percent by 2030.

  • This standard will bring more than 2,000 jobs and significant investment to our state, will reduce our reliance on imported energy, keep our hard-earned money here in Minnesota, and give people and businesses the opportunity to be energy producers, not just consumers.
  • This and a set of other policies we are proposing will make solar cheaper, faster and more cost effective for consumers while creating highly skilled, high-paying jobs and economic opportunity in Minnesota.
  • These measures would lower the cost of solar and cut the red tape in government and utilities – getting the government out of the way to allow the industry to grow here in Minnesota.

Save money and energy by increasing efficiency.

  • Energy efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest route to fulfilling our nation’s energy needs and is poised to save nearly $700 billion nationally by 2020, create jobs, and significantly reduce pollution.
  • Retrofitting our state’s commercial and residential buildings will make them more energy efficient, saving consumers money and reducing energy use.
  • Minnesota must provide incentives to utilities to promote and increase energy efficiency.
    • The more energy utilities sell, the more money they earn. So why would they encourage energy efficiency?
    • We propose changing the model - aligning incentives for utilities so their costs are covered - and they are free to devise their own way to make more money from saving energy than wasting it.

Make it easier to generate local power by cutting the red tape and taking government out of the equation.

  • The barriers to producing local power - for instance, high costs of producing power on your own land and difficulty connecting to the grid - are significant.
  • But it doesn’t have to be. This set of policies would make it easier and cheaper to work with the government and to connect to the grid for local, community-based power.
  • It also empowers all Minnesotans to participate in renewable energy projects in their own communities.

cleanjobs pressThe Will Steger Foundation has joined a group of labor, energy, business, faith, environment, and youth leaders in a campaign to advance groundbreaking state legislation that creates jobs for Minnesotans, generates clean, renewable energy, and protects our health and the air we breathe.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 10:32

Inuit Films: Sharing Our Stories

Written by Will Steger Foundation

Inuit Films: Sharing Our Stories
VIP Reception and Free Screening at the Guthrie Theater
Monday, March 18, 2013

Please join the Will Steger Foundation, the Consulate General of Canada in Minneapolis, Guthrie Theater, and the Minnesota International Center for a reception and evening of free films:

VIP Reception
6:00-7:00 PM
Pohlad Lobby and Amber Box
Guthrie Theater
818 S 2nd St Minneapolis, MN 55401 (Map It)

Inuit Films: Sharing Our Stories
7:30-9:00 PM
Dowling Studio, Guthrie Theater

RSVP below or call (612) 278-7147 (Space is limited)

The evening will include a collection of short Inuit films from the Unikkausivut: Sharing Our Stories collection produced by the National Film Board of Canada. Arctic Explorer Will Steger will share stories from his travels in the Arctic with Inuit elders and a selection of videos from his expeditions.

Canada Guthrie Theater Minnesota International Center

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 11:10

New Land 2013 Expedition

Written by Will Steger Foundation

New Land Expedition Follow the New Land Expedition this Spring! Join American John Huston, Norwegian Tobias Thorleifsson, Canadian Hugh Dale-Harris, and South African Kyle O’Donoghue as they traverse 630 miles on Ellesmere Island.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 15:40

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 14:44

Concerned About The Climate?

Written by Will Steger Foundation

billmckibben coolplanetThe founder, acclaimed author, and one of America’s most famous environmental leaders is returning to Minnesota! Bill McKibben will present Celebrating and Preserving Winter, a call to action to slow climate change.

Learn how you can protect the season that defines MN!

Friday, 21 December 2012 13:12

Support Climate Action

Written by Will Steger Foundation

dec26 slideshowOur work grows more important each day, and it is only through our collective efforts that we can make a meaningful impact by supporting youth, educators and decision-makers to implement climate change solutions.


Tuesday, 18 December 2012 14:20

NEW Education Webpage!

Written by Webmaster

educ slideshow01The new education section of our website is easier to use. Quickly find our most-requested info in the menus at the top of the screen, such as "Curriculum Resources," "Climate Change Basics" and "Professional Development." Browse Education blog posts, videos, photos and more.

Take a tour now.

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